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The combination of the right diet and correct workload should keep your horse in good condition. A horse's condition will vary depending on its breed, age and workload. Before you can begin to decide what to feed your horse, you need to check that your horse is already in good condition or if he needs to lose or gain weight.

You are what you eat... and so is your horse. A balanced diet is essential to keep your horse happy and healthy. The correct diet will ensure your horse retains a healthy coat, skin, bones, muscles and feet. A healthy diet will also ensure your horse remains sound and has plenty of energy. There are five main parts to a horse's diet; these include water, energy, protein, minerals and vitamins.

In order to maintain a balanced diet, concentrates (compound mix) may need to be fed to provide the nutrients that are missing from bad quality forages (grass and hay). This is very common in the winter when extra energy is needed for body warmth, when additional hay or haylage is not sufficient; this is when more concentrates should be fed to maintain bodyweight. Commercial feeds are very common, and are already prepared with a variety of ingredients for a balanced diet.