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Getting started

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Owning a horse is a big responsibility that requires experience, commitment, time and money. Experience is essential as there are many things involved in horse ownership, such as general health care, stable management, feeding, handling, exercising and riding, bandaging, first aid, clipping, pasture management, etc, etc, the list goes on. Day-to-day management of your horse is very important - there are many factors that horse owners must consider to ensure their horse's health and safety. Vigilance towards these factors is essential for a beginner and the experienced owner.

Before buying a horse or pony you need to make sure you can provide everything your horse needs, including providing appropriate accommodation and bedding, feed and healthcare. Buying a horse is a time-consuming and lengthy process, and it is vital that you do some research and visit different horses before making your final decision.

There are many things to consider when buying a horse, but most importantly you should know how much you have to spend, and what sort of horse you are looking for, including height, age, gender and temperament. When physically looking at each horse you should evaluate its general health, keep an eye out for any lumps and bumps, watch the horse being ridden, and ride the horse yourself; if you do all of these, you will get a complete picture of the horse before you consider buying it.